I majored in newspaper reporting in college but participated in our university’s student-run TV station all four years. As an anchor and producer, I learned the basics of broadcast reporting and mastered my on-air presence. 

At the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, I assist in shooting and editing videos and photos at various events. I also provide voice-over narration and on-camera spots. Last year, I launched a podcast for the agency called Sworn Statement, highlighting local cases and public safety issues in Collier County, Florida.

While at the Naples Daily News, I put together a short daily video preview of the stories we were working on for the next day’s paper. The work included writing the script, performing the stand-up and editing the clip before posting it to the site. Here’s a sampling. Full clips can be found at our paper’s YouTube account.

After recording the daily video, I also wrote and recorded a two-minute radio segment for a local station’s website. Once a week, I called the local Fox News station for a brief wrap-up of the biggest stories out of our county that week.

Here’s the first podcast for Fox News 92.5.

I’ve also used multimedia to promote projects I’ve worked on. This TV spot features a peek at my story about Dee Valentine, a transgender girl attending school for the first time as the opposite sex.

And here’s a voice over spot I wrote and recorded for my year-long project about a juvenile detention program.

Below are videos I shot and edited during my web internship with The Columbus Dispatch the summer of 2009.

For more recent videos I do for fun, visit my YouTube channel.

Teen Driving Program

Ohio State Fair Opening

Abe Lincoln Presentation

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