Writing news again

I arrived in Naples Saturday and started work Monday as the new higher education reporter for the Naples Daily News. … More


Got an official offer for a job yesterday. I’ll start work as a multimedia journalist for the Naples Daily News … More

A final plug

I leave for Dublin tomorrow! Time has flown since I first learned I was accepted to the Irish Writing Program … More

For Hire

I’ve already given notice at The Vindicator in light of my upcoming trip to Dublin, Ireland. After that trip ends … More

SPJ Award

I won an award! I placed third in the general news reporting category of the Society of Professional Journalist’s 2010 … More

Fusion wins a Pacemaker

I found out today that Fusion, the LGBT issues magazine at Kent State University, won a Pacemaker for its Spring … More

Lots of firsts

Last week, I was one of several reporters who contributed to a follow-up story about the murder of a local … More

A happy source

Sometimes you never hear back from a source. But today, I heard from a happy source who thanked me for … More