Fusion wins a Pacemaker

I found out today that Fusion, the LGBT issues magazine at Kent State University, won a Pacemaker for its Spring 2010 issue.

Fusion Spring 2010 cover

I was managing editor for this issue and I’ve written several stories for Fusion in the past. It was exciting to be a part of the action this year.

Here’s a link to the Associated Collegiate Press website listing all winners in the magazine category.

You can also view a PDF of the Spring 2010 issue along with some past issues here.


Successful firsts and another happy source

I wrote recently that I covered my first wedding and funeral this week. I think things went well so I’m posting the links to those stories.

The first is from the medieval wedding. The parents of the groom were so thrilled with the story that they e-mailed me to say so. That made my day. And while I can’t say I’ll be sporting elf ears any time soon, it was really neat to see so many people get so into an era.

Yesterday, I covered the funeral of the local real-estate agent who was murdered. I was nervous about talking to her friends and family at such an emotional time. I pictured angry responses from grieving relatives, but was greeted by just the opposite. I’ll remember their willingness to share stories with a total stranger the next time I cover such an event. You can view the PDF of the story here.

Lots of firsts

Last week, I was one of several reporters who contributed to a follow-up story about the murder of a local real-estate agent. It was my first time having to call friends and family of the deceased and I was nervous about picking up the phone and dialing those numbers.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover my first funeral and I’m equally nervous. The thing about journalism is you’ll never get all the way through that list of “firsts.”

So as intimidating as it can be to tackle touchy subjects, I’m in this field because I love getting to try new things every day.

Here’s a link to the story I contributed to last week.

A happy source

Sometimes you never hear back from a source.

But today, I heard from a happy source who thanked me for doing an article and said I wrote it well.

Here’s the story called Dogs are heroes to heroes. It’s about an organization that raises money to train service dogs for disabled veterans. The nutgraph is a little low in the story. Otherwise, I’m pretty proud of it.

You can also view the PDF of the story here.