Recent centerpieces

Here’s a sampling of some weekend work. The first was a Saturday centerpiece for a new series I suggested called Dispatches. It’s an occasional feature the reporting staff will do on relatively small stories in the community. It’s a chance for us to take a more literary approach to our writing. I’m happy with my first piece about a woman who opened a thrift store in a last-ditch effort to stay out of foreclosure.

The next two pieces were live assignments, which I tried to write with a more creative lead. I covered the opening of a community garden and a volunteer day at the local YMCA, which was damaged in a major fire last month. Our paywall won’t let you read those stellar leads, but if you’re curious you can zoom in on the pics!

Saturday A!

Sunday A3

Saturday A3


An overdue update

I haven’t posted since I had my beat reassigned, so here’s a handful of clips that have run since November.  I should have another A1 feature running soon on the transition between two mayors following the Jan. 31 Naples City Council election.

Everyone here is starting work on a newsroom-wide project that will debut sometime this spring. It’s a major endeavor. Details once I have my assignment.

Pinched by rising prices, Everglades City crabbers give up strike against Miami eatery
I’m pretty proud of this clip considering I got the assignment at about 11 a.m. and turned around what became the A1 centerpiece by 8 p.m.

Restoring the past: Businessman hopes to convert historic Naples church to restaurant
This piece previewed a vote at a Naples City Council meeting that would allow this man to convert an old building. I’ve written about adaptive reuse before.

No new faces in Naples council race: A sign of residents’ apathy or contentment?
This headline explains it all, but this piece was one of the more interesting ones I wrote to preview the election.

For Hire

I’ve already given notice at The Vindicator in light of my upcoming trip to Dublin, Ireland. After that trip ends July 23, I’ll be ready to start work somewhere new.

This site is already doing its job of promoting my best work, but this post should serve as an official invite to all those newspapers looking to hire a print journalist with all the flair of a fiction writer and a coveted knack for shooting and editing video to boot.

But if for some reason I don’t see a blast of job offers flooding my inbox after this post, I guess I should also say this is my warning to all those newspapers I want to work for: Get ready for this talented, young reporter. She’ll be flooding your inboxes soon.

Writing fiction in Dublin

Pretty sure I got the best gift for a girl who turns 23 on St. Patrick’s Day.

Last week I was accepted to a summer fiction writing program through the University of Iowa. It’s a six-week course taught in Dublin, Ireland.

I minored in writing in college but never studied abroad, so this is pretty exciting for me. And I should add that I share a birthday with my dog. His name is Dublin. The obsession is complete.

Visit the program’s website for more information.

For samples of my fiction, check out the tab on this site

Dublin the puggle turns 4 Thursday. He was not accepted to the writing program.