Real Simple magazine clips

I started freelancing for Real Simple in October 2018. While I do mostly online pieces, I’ve also had a few blurbs in the print editions as well.

I focus mainly on money-saving tips, and tips on how to streamline your life with simple upgrades and little purchases. Here’s a sampling of that work.

This $13 Trick Has Saved Me $300 on Carry-on Bag Fees

This $14 Closet Organizer Rescued My Morning Routine

This $3 Natural Deodorant Works So Well for Me That All My Friends Use it Now, Too

I Finally Got Rid of Litter Box Smells With This Genius Hack

These 4 Work Perks are Basically Free Money

9 Shopping Tricks Every Crate and Barrel Fan Should Know

I Paid Off $10K in Debt With This Easy Method

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