The Naples Writers’ Workshop Winter Session

I’m launching my first paid writing workshop as a way to serve seasonal residents in Naples — and as a way to make some money doing what I love most.

For the past three years, I have overseen a free writing workshop for local writers working on fiction and literary nonfiction. About six months ago, we began a second group for novel writers.

But with so much interest from seasonal Floridians, I decided to start a 13-week paid workshop beginning in January. This way, Neapolitans who aren’t here year round but still want to partake in a workshop can have a place to share their writing and learn some skills along the way.

The session has a set curriculum and three speakers, and will culminate in a public reading. Registration is now open.

Our speakers this year are author Artis Henderson whose memoir Un-remarried Widow chronicles her life after losing her husband Miles in the Iraq war.

Ben Bova is the author of more than 120 science fiction and science nonfiction books. He’s also a six-time winner of the Hugo Award.

And Thomas Dunne is a publisher at St. Martin’s Press where he has overseen an imprint by his own name since 1986.

For $250, you’ll get 13 weeks of instruction, attendance to all three speakers and time to share your work with fellow workshop members. If you’re interested, please email me for details.



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