Recent Freelance Work

I still make it a point to do the occasional feature on the side, as a way of keeping up my freelance chops. Here are links to a few recent clips. Recent seems like a loose term, given that I started one of these stories back in January. But that’s how magazine deadlines roll!

The Burlesque Dancer Next Door

This story featured the two founders of a burlesque amateur dance group in Naples. The magazine ran the submitted art as its cover and also gave it good play inside.

burlesque mag photo.aspx

Artist Dana Roes Goes Under The Surface

This was a fun and interesting profile about a local artist whose modern, abstract work was a challenge for me to write about and describe. I think I managed, and the accompanying photos happened to be shot by a friend of mine, Michelle Tricca.

Photo by Michelle Tricca, featuring artist Dana Roes. This image ran in Gulfshore Life magazine in October. 

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