The story of ‘Baby Kevin’

babykevinAbout a year ago I read a story by Sheryl James, formerly with the St. Pete Times, who wrote about a baby thrown in a dumpster and left for dead in a local suburb. The story covered the child’s recovery and the court case that ensued after authorities found his birth mother. You can read Sheryl’s story here.

Shery’s story went on to win the Pulizter for features. And when I read it, I latched onto a bit about another abandoned infant found in Naples in 1988. I spent about a year periodically digging until I found the boy. He’s 27 now, and the story I wrote for Sunday’s Mother’s Day edition details his own abandonment and adoption.

It’s probably the piece I’m most proud of from the past year or so. And the family was great to work with. Check out the story here.

Photos by Luke Franke and Calvin Mattheis.

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