Another major award

Our newspaper recently started a monthly award in which staffers from any department are nominated by their peers and vetted by editors before winning cash prizes. I was one of three winners for my work in December, and I won a shiny $100 gift card. Let the shopping begin.

Here are a few headlines that were mentioned as part of my coverage.

1) Two Marco Islanders were each retrieving something from home when they collided in a fatal crash.

2) The father of a man arrested after shooting up a bar told me his son was likely mentally ill. I wrote about how law enforcement tracked him down in another state after he fled.

3) An accused killer and his accomplice were tracked to Wyoming where they were found stranded on the side of the road in a truck with no gas. I reached out to local authorities there and a small town newspaper editor to paint a picture of the area where they were found.

4) This one was a double byline with fellow reporter Jessica Lipscomb. I talked to neighbors of a man who shot another person on their street and admitted the crime to his father the same day.

That’s just a few of the more than 30 December bylines I had. It was a busy month.

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