An overdue update

I haven’t posted since I had my beat reassigned, so here’s a handful of clips that have run since November.  I should have another A1 feature running soon on the transition between two mayors following the Jan. 31 Naples City Council election.

Everyone here is starting work on a newsroom-wide project that will debut sometime this spring. It’s a major endeavor. Details once I have my assignment.

Pinched by rising prices, Everglades City crabbers give up strike against Miami eatery
I’m pretty proud of this clip considering I got the assignment at about 11 a.m. and turned around what became the A1 centerpiece by 8 p.m.

Restoring the past: Businessman hopes to convert historic Naples church to restaurant
This piece previewed a vote at a Naples City Council meeting that would allow this man to convert an old building. I’ve written about adaptive reuse before.

No new faces in Naples council race: A sign of residents’ apathy or contentment?
This headline explains it all, but this piece was one of the more interesting ones I wrote to preview the election.

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