The moment you’ve all (I’ve) been waiting for

A story I conceived about a month ago finally ran this Sunday, and I was thrilled. It was the weekend of Kristine Gill with A1 centerpieces from yours truly Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For Friday’s paper, I wrote about a Youngstown couple orginally from Puerto Rico that received an addition to their home from a local nonprofit.  The husband was paralyzed in an accident a few years ago and his wife has been caring for him at home since. 

For Saturday’s paper, I covered a pep rally at Ursuline High School in Youngstown as the football team prepared for its fourth-consecutive visit to the Division V state championship game and hoped for its third-consecutive title. The team won on Saturday, and the pep rally proved to be entertaining.

On Sunday, my 50-inch story about old Ohio school buildings ran. I worked on this story for a little less than two weeks, but a lot of background reporting went into it. I got the idea to write about what happens to historic school buildings when a middle school I cover announced it was looking into demolition costs for an abandoned building they hadn’t been able to sell. I was able to find an Ohio teacher who maintains a site with the status of each of these buildings and interviewed him and a few others for a story.

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