Going back to school

I started saving the visitor passes I get when I go to a school to do a story. I only have four so far, but my goal is to get at least 30 by the end of my internship. I write stories about my three school districts a few times a week, but you only get a pass when you visit a classroom for a story.

Here are the links to two stories I’ve done recently. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the classroom and I’m starting to think it wouldn’t be so bad to be 13 again.

The first story is about a middle school history teacher who has taught at the same school for 42 years. He called on me during the lesson and I answered a question right. Any idea what the number one use for whale fins was pre American Revolution? Soup! I got it right!


This second story is about the same middle school, which received a grant to improve its robotics class. They currently use little robots they’ve had for five years, and they’re starting to fall apart. It was hard not to snatch these things away from the kids during their assignments so I could try it myself.

In keeping with the back-to-school theme, I’m thinking about taking that idea literally. Anyone have any journalism grad school advice?

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