More published photos

I took my own point-and-shoot digital camera out on a last-minute assignment yesterday. It was a fun event at a middle school I cover and not one that needed art, but could benefit from it.

One of my photos ended up running in the paper and while its placement was a far cry from my A1 centerpiece photos in The Dispatch this summer, I was just as thrilled.

Fifth-grader Tyler Heitman outlines a quote by Benjamin Franklin on the sidewalk outside Frank Ohl Intermediate School, Austintown. Tyler was one of 400 fifth-graders at the school who participated Wednesday in National Day on Writing by chalking their favorite quotes.


Here’s a link to the story online.

On Sunday, another photo I took of an exterminator on the job that will run with a story I wrote about bed bugs in Youngstown. It too was taken with a point-and-shoot and only because it was a last-minute assignment.

Still, I think this is what all our KSU profs were talking about when they said we had to be mojos of the future.

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